Ohio Conference

Story by Ivan Riapolov

In the wake of the devastating invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, countless young lives were thrown into turmoil, with uncertainty clouding their dreams of education. When the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists created an Education Emergency Response plan for Ukrainian students, Kettering College responded by developing a Ukrainian Student Initiative (USI) on our campus. As a result, 34 students from Ukraine are now studying at Kettering College to continue their education, safely away from the war in their country.

Spencer and Eva Hannah will be serving at Spring Valley Academy.

Story by Angela Peach

Spring Valley Academy (SVA) is pleased to welcome Spencer Hannah as the 2023–24 interim principal. With Darren Wilkins accepting the position of vice president for Student Life at Walla Walla University (Wash.) after 10 years as principal, the Board of Trustees faced the nearly impossible task of replacing him. But with Hannah retiring from College View Academy in Lincoln, Neb., in June, God led the board to offer him to fill the position.