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The president provides spiritual and visionary leadership in developing plans and strategies for the accomplishment of the mission of the Adventist Church in the Columbia Union territory. To that end, the president serves on numerous boards and committees and chairs the Washington Adventist University board and both healthcare systems boards.

About Dave Weigley

Elected in 2006, Dave Weigley, serves as president of the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This administrative organization—headquartered in the eight states in the Mid-Atlantic United States—is comprised of eight conferences with more than 144,000 members, 860 churches, 81 elementary and secondary schools, two healthcare networks with 14 hospitals, Washington Adventist University in Maryland and Kettering College in Ohio.

Dave was one of eight children raised by Adventist dairy farmers in Enders, Pa. (near Hershey). Because of their strong commitment, his parents sacrificed to send all their children through Christian education (seven of the eight to Blue Mountain Academy in Hamburg, Pa). “From 1955-1970 there was always a Weigley at BMA,” he says. “Sometimes when they needed to pay the tuition bills, they’d sell a cow.”

Weigley attended Washington Adventist University (Maryland) and graduated from Southern Adventist University (Tennessee), where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He also holds a Master of Business Administration in Managerial Leadership from City University of Seattle (Washington) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership from Andrews University (Michigan).

He has served the Church as a pastor, evangelist, conference communication director, ministerial director, stewardship director, executive secretary and president. In North America he has worked in the Arizona, Carolina, Florida (9 years), Iowa-Missouri, Washington (14 years) and Potomac conferences. His ministry has also taken him to Africa, Asia, Euro-Asia, Southeast Asia, Indochina and South America. Weigley and his wife Becky have two adult children—Christy and Jon—and five grandchildren.  

In May 2021, he was re-elected for an unprecedented fourth, five-year term. His vision, drive and results-oriented leadership have made an indelible mark, evidenced by the growth of the Adventist Church in the Mid-Atlantic during his tenure. 

In an interview with the Visitor magazine, Dave reflects on accomplishments, challenges, priorities and mission.

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Office of the President

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Executive Assistant: Lovella Lapasam
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