Columbia Union News

Story by V. Michelle Bernard | Photos by Kelly Butler Coe and Kylie Kajiura

This week, some 776 attendees, including pastors and their spouses, gathered in Hershey, Pa., for the “I Am With You” Columbia Union Evangelism Workshop. 

“This is the third ministerium we’ve had in the Columbia Union since 2000; may this be the last. May this be the one you say, ‘I was there, and I went looking for the Holy Spirit to empower me, and the Spirit fell upon me,” said Dave Weigley, Columbia Union Conference president, during the first meeting of the event.

Calendar introduction by the Columbia Union Leadership Team

When you are empowered by God, you can harness your spiritual gifts in a mighty way. Devote time to enriching your personal relationship with Him through prayer, study and meditation. Bolster your physical body by setting aside time for self-care—resting, drinking water, exercising and balancing stress. Engaging in these will strengthen your gifts.

When you are equipped to do something big for God, the sky is the limit. Achieving this goes beyond tools and resources; it also involves identifying your gifts, diving deep into the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill and guide you.