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Early Church leader and scholar Jerome quoted the opinion of some that the first psalm is “the preface of the Holy Spirit” to the Psalter. It is certainly a very apt introduction. Two particular themes are found in it, which recur in many other psalms.

The first is the clear-cut distinction between the righteous and the wicked. The Bible as a whole, and specifically the Wisdom Literature, divides humankind into these two absolute categories, and does not recognize a third. Psalm 32, 36 and 112 also compare and contrast the righteous and the wicked.

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Tip: We have learned how important it is to have someone—a colleague or friend—close to you in ministry to share good and challenging moments.

While Roy Simpson was growing up, his dad, Peter, always cut his hair, except for a few years when “I wanted to do things my way,” says Roy, who used to think he was very different from his dad. That changed after working with him as a volunteer at the conference office where they shared many conversations. Those talks “made me realize that we have so much in common, especially our passion for ministry,” says Roy, assistant treasurer for Ohio Conference. 

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Mortified. That’s how my mom, Vicki (Curtiss) Bernard, recalls feeling as she sat in Chemistry class at Mount Vernon Academy where her dad, Leon Curtiss, was the teacher. “If we got what we deserve, we’d all be grease spots,” he’d say, trying to lighten the mood while navigating tough subjects like science and math. A fixture at Ohio Conference’s longtime school (now closed), my grandfather was known for his corny jokes and one-liners. 

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Desde su primer encuentro en la iglesia de Langley Park en la Conferencia de Potomac, y durante los días de cortejo que siguieron, Josant Barrientos y su esposa, Claudya, han participado activamente en actividades de la iglesia, tales como Conquistadores y Sociedad de Jóvenes.

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Potomac Conference’s Lynchburg (Va.) church recently hosted “Lunchbox Makeover,” its second healthy cooking class. Try some of the recipes that presenter Liz McLennan shared.


1/2 cup quick-cooking oats
1/4 cup diced dried fruit (apricots, dates, and dried cranberries are good together)
1 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon nuts of your choice (optional)
1 tablespoons honey or some mashed banana shredded raw coconut (optional)
fresh fruit

Nicole Toledo assists Lunchbox Makeover presenter Liz McLennan

Story by Shannon Kelly

Potomac Conference’s Lynchburg (Va.) church recently hosted “Lunchbox Makeover,” its second healthy cooking class. This free class taught attendees how to cook easy, tasty vegan meals and educated attendees with nutrition facts and tips for having an overall better quality of life, starting with their diet. In addition to cooking demonstrations, volunteers offered free blood pressure checks and health and Seventh-day Adventist literature.

Pastor Marco Estrada baptizes a new member at Vineland Caravan of Compassion stop.

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Earlier in the year, members from across the New Jersey Conference started praying for their friends and reaching them by showing acts of love and compassion. Members then invited their friends to more than 200 small groups, where they studied about God’s compassion and faith. By April each of the small groups held a week of evangelism, led by lay evangelists.