Goodman Family

Story by Benia Jennings

The Allegheny West Conference welcomes Keith and Evelyn Goodman, along with their three children, Keith Jr., Charles and Kaelyn. Keith recently accepted the call to serve as senior pastor of the Ephesus church in Columbus, Ohio, and Evelyn has stepped into the role of principal at Columbus Adventist Academy (Ohio).

A native of Oklahoma, Keith earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology at Oakwood College (Ala.) in 1996, and later graduated from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University (Mich.).

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Story by Benia Jennings

After a sudden illness, Rosalind Beswick, pastor of Allegheny West Conference's Hillside church in Zanesville, Ohio, underwent emergency surgery. Upon learning that Beswick had taken a turn for the worse, Allegheny West Conference employees collectively offered prayers of petition for healing. The very next day, Beswick’s family announced her health had considerably improved. Beswick shares her story:

Story by Adventist HealthCare Staff

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, Adventist HealthCare has been caring for those afflicted by the disease as well as actively working to prevent the spread of the virus in the community. Part of that effort has been participating in research that could help determine the best treatments for COVID-19 patients.


Story by WAU Staff

Washington Adventist University’s community continues to be a community of prayer and faith. During this challenging time in history, distance is ideal in preventing infection; not so ideal in fellowship and communal worship. Despite the challenges, the Holy Spirit has been working to soften hearts and lead individuals to commit to a life in Christ.

On two consecutive weekends, a student and an employee of WAU have made this commitment publicly through baptism at Potomac Conference's Sligo Seventh-day Adventist church on the campus of WAU in Takoma Park, Md. Sligo has made special COVID-19 accommodations for baptism to minimize the chance of spreading infection.

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“Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened” (Matt. 7:7, TLB).

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explained to His disciples that prayer is a lifestyle, not just a group of moments in life. Jesus used a continuous tense for the three verbs here: “ask,” “seek” and “knock.” These verbs translate to “keep on asking,” “keep on seeking” and “keep on knocking.” These actions show us the different prayers we need in different situations in our lives.

“Keep on asking” refers to our needs, wants and wishes that reflect the Lord’s will in our lives. It is not pushing buttons to get what we want.

Ever Gonzales bautiza Nancy Viera.

Historia de Pastor Ever Gonzales

Nancy Viera acababa de enterarse de que se estaba muriendo de cáncer. Esta noticia le trajo tristeza y desesperación. Sin saber qué hacer, fue a caminar a Walmart para aclarar su mente. Mientras estaba allí, conoció a una anciana que le dio una copia de El Deseado de todas las gentes. La conversación sobre el amor de Jesús condujo a estudios bíblicos y, mientras estudiaban juntos, Nancy aprendió sobre el sábado.

Un día, Nancy le preguntó a su pastor pentecostal por qué no adoraban el sábado. El, no pudo darle una respuesta bíblica. Ella continuó estudiando la Biblia con su nueva amiga y seis meses después decidió comenzar a guardar el sábado.

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Eduardo Monteiro, director del Departamento de Evangelismo de la Conferencia de Nueva Jersey (NJC), recientemente dedicó un tiempo a reflexionar sobre la Gran Decepción de 1844:

Después de la Gran Decepción, algo extraordinario sucedió. Aquellos que lo habían experimentado soportaron desafíos al pasar el tiempo, pero no estaban solos. Había una presencia invisible del Todopoderoso, llevándolos de la mano. Con fuerzas renovadas, fueron y predicaron el evangelio eterno. Comenzaron con sus círculos de influencia inmediatos, barrios, pueblos y regiones, hasta que el mensaje llegó a todo el país y más allá.

Audrey Booker

Story by Tracey Jackson

Pine Forge Academy (PFA) students and staff recently recognized the exemplary work and dedication of Audrey Booker, who served and retired as the school nurse in September 2020.

Booker accepted the “temporary” position in 2010 after her prior retirement as school nurse at a public high school in Reading, Pa. This temporary position turned into 10 years, in which Booker endeared herself to the students, becoming a mother, grandmother, counselor and friend to all. During her tenure, her expertise and care extended to all who matriculated through PFA.