Education Directories

Columbia Union Conference and NAD Education Directories

As an added service, the following links to the offices of education for local conferences comprising the Columbia Union, senior academies, Kettering College and Washington Adventist University are provided. Links to other colleges and universities in North America are also listed, followed by a link to a searchable directory.

Columbia Union Conference Education Directory

The following local conferences of the Columbia Union are responsible for administration and direct supervision of the schools and teachers within their assigned territories:
Allegheny East Conference
PO Box 266
Pine Forge, PA 19548
Telephone: (610) 326-4610
Fax: (610) 326-3946
Website: (direct link to education page)
Superintendent: John Alberty,
Associate: Gloria Perry,
Associate: Cynthia Poole,
Number of Schools: 12
Allegheny West Conference
1339 Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43205
Telephone: (614) 252-5271
Fax: (614) 252-3246
Superintendent: Jack McCrary,
Number of Schools: 2
Chesapeake Conference
6600 Martin Road
Columbia, MD 21044
Telephone: (410) 995-1910 or (301) 596-5600
Fax: (410) 995-1434
Website: (direct link to education page)
Superintendent: Janesta Walker,
Associate: Michael Jakobsons,
Number of Schools: 11
Mountain View Conference
1400 Liberty Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101
Telephone: (304) 442-4581
Fax: (304) 442-4582
Website: (direct link to education page)
Superintendent: Cheryl Jacko,
Associate: Donna Nicholas,
Number of Schools: 5
New Jersey Conference
2160 Brunswick Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08648
Telephone: (609) 392-7131
Fax: (609) 396-9273
Website: (direct link to education page)
Superintendent: Sadrail Saint-Ulysse,
Number of Schools: 5
Ohio Conference
790 Fairgrounds Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Telephone: (740) 397-4665
Fax: (740) 397-1648
Website: (direct link to education page)
Superintendent: Rick Bianco,
Number of Schools: 11
Pennsylvania Conference
720 Museum Road
Reading, PA 19611
Telephone: (610) 374-8331
Fax: (610) 374-9331
Website: (direct link to education page)
Vice President for Education: Dr. Jeff Bovee,
Associate Superintendent: 
Number of Schools: 13
Potomac Conference
606 Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA 24401
Telephone: (540) 886-0771 or (800) 732-1844
Website: (direct link to education page)
Associate: Veronique Anderson,
Associate: Nancy Melashenko,
Number of Schools: 17

Columbia Union Senior Academies

Blue Mountain Academy
Highland View Academy
Lake Nelson Adventist Academy
Pine Forge Academy
Richmond Adventist Academy
Spencerville Adventist Academy
Spring Valley Academy
Shenandoah Valley Academy
Takoma Academy

College and University Within the Columbia Union


Kettering College

Washington Adventist University


Colleges and Universities Within North America

​Andrews University

Atlantic Union College 

Canadian University College

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

Lake Union  

La Sierra University

Loma Linda University

North Pacific Union

Oakwood College

Pacific Union College

Southern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University

Union College

Walla Walla University


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