Dave Morgan participates in a crisis boot camp presentation

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

This week teachers and education administrators gathered at the Columbia Union Conference headquarters in Columbia, Md., for training and planning. On Monday and Tuesday the Curriculum Committee members participated in training for the Encounter Bible Curriculum that will be implemented in all elementary and high schools across the union by the 2018/2019 school year.

We asked students at Spencerville Adventist Academy about their relationships with Jesus. We'll add more videos throughout the month.



Story by Tamrya Horst

Elder Gary Gibbs, currently the director of Ministries Development at the Chesapeake Conference, has accepted the invitation to serve as president of the Pennsylvania Conference.

Gibbs was elected by a selection committee, comprised of the Pennsylvania Conference Executive Committee and the nominating committee from the most recent Conference constituency session. Watch for more information later this morning here and on

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Editorial by Paulo Macena

From the seashore, Jesus called out to Peter and Andrew: “‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ They immediately left their nets and followed Him” (Matt. 4:19, 20, NKJV).

Candidates prepare to be baptized at the Glenville Present Truth church in Cleveland.

Story by Bryant Smith

The Glenville Present Truth church in Cleveland recently held a six-week evangelistic series themed “Our World in Crisis: Are You Ready?” Stephen D. Lewis, evangelist for Present Truth Ministry, presented Bible truth on topics such as the law of God, the Sabbath, the state of the dead and the plan of salvation. He also presented counsel for married couples and singles. Each evening he quizzed the attendees to see what they had learned from the previous night.

7800 Attended Caravan of Training Meetings Photo Credit Jorge Pillco

Historia de V. Michelle Bernard

A lrededor de 7.800 miembros de la Unión de Columbia asistieron a las reuniones de la reciente Caravana de Entrenamiento realizadas en 24 sitios dentro del territorio de la unión.  

Antes de las reuniones, Rubén Ramos, vicepresidente para los Ministerios Multilingües de la Unión Columbia, y su equipo distribuyeron 19.000 ejemplares de Cómo compartir a Jesús en las iglesias de la Unión con el objetivo de ayudarle a los miembros a entender porque necesitan involucrarse en la misión.