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A Pesar de los Grandes Desastres en el Año Nuevo, ADRA Responde

El año 2020 comenzó con desastres naturales en todo el mundo, incluidos los incendios forestales en Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia; lluvia torrencial en Indonesia; una erupción volcánica en Filipinas; y terremotos en Puerto Rico. ADRA ha estado allí para responder a todos.

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Historia de Heidi Shoemaker

El Comité Ejecutivo de la Conferencia de Ohio nombró recientemente a Roy M. Simpson como tesorero de la conferencia.

Desde el principio Simpson sabía que quería servir a la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, aunque no como pastor como su padre, sino específicamente en finanzas. Para obtener la experiencia que sabía que se necesitaría, se ofreció como voluntario a los 16 años como cajero en el Departamento de Tesorería de su conferencia local, la Asociación Atlántica de Honduras. Allí trabajó en estrecha colaboración con el contador y el tesorero, que estaban dispuestos a enseñarle y a trabajar con él, permitiéndole aprender cómo funcionaba una conferencia.

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¿Cuál es tu versículo bíblico favorito y cómo ha impactado tu vida?

En preparación para el 2021 "Año de la Biblia" de la Unión de Columbia, los líderes, pastores, estudiantes y miembros están invitados a escribir y enviar devocionales breves sobre uno de sus versículos bíblicos favoritos y lo que significa para sus vidas. Reflexione sobre la obra de Dios en su vida y su mensaje de esperanza. Revele cómo Él lo ha bendecido, lo ha cambiado y cómo ha crecido espiritualmente en su caminar con Él. Comparta pensamientos e ideas sobre Dios, exprese su agradecimiento a Él y admita su necesidad de Él.

 Pautas para el devocional:

What is your favorite Bible verse, and how has it impacted your life?

In preparation for the Columbia Union Conference 2021 “Year of the Bible,” leaders, pastors, students and members are invited to write and submit short devotionals about one of their favorite Bible verses and what it means to their lives. Reflect on God’s work in your life and His message of hope. Reveal how He has blessed you, changed you and how you have grown spiritually in your walk with Him. Share thoughts and insights about God, express your gratefulness to Him and admit your need of Him.

Devotional Guidelines:

Story by Ricardo Bacchus

Kids, did you find Victor the Visitor mouse in our last issue? If not, don’t worry; you can try again now! The first 15 children to post a picture of themselves pointing to him and tagging us on Facebook or Instagram will receive a bookmark from LivingWell in Silver Spring, Md.

The second-grade class at Chesapeake Conference’s Spencerville Adventist Academy visits the White Estate.

Story by Rachel Fuentes/Heidi Wetmore

The second-grade class at Chesapeake Conference’s Spencerville Adventist Academy (Md.), taught by Rachel Fuentes, recently completed a Bible Encounters curriculum unit on the life of Ellen G. White. Instead of the typical unit assessment in a classroom setting, she took her students on a field trip to the White Estate, located at the General Conference in Silver Spring, Md.

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Story by Tamyra Horst

They came from across the Pennsylvania Conference. A van full of members left Pittsburgh before dawn and headed east. More than 40 members boarded a rented bus in the Scranton/Honesdale area and headed south. More than 2,200 people, representing 82 churches, united together in 28 communities in the southeastern region of the state for this year’s Faith for Family (F4F) D-day. Their goal? To unite together to fulfill the mission of reaching everyone, everywhere with the gospel.

TA Teacher Shaun Robinson (pictured left) attended a Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institute

Story by Salena Featherstone

Most teachers can’t wait to be off for the summer. No more grading, lesson planning, noisy classrooms or ringing bells. Shortly after summer hits, however, many teachers begin to miss their students, classrooms and joy that being a Christian school teacher brings. Some of them, like Takoma Academy Life Sciences teacher Shaun Robinson (pictured), seek out professional development opportunities, seminars or workshops to help them add more resources to their educational toolbox.

Jyremy Reid displays his art.

“When I am able to see [art] and how it relates to a message, I grasp it a lot better. ... The majority of my generation and later are more visual and kinesthetic learners. Times are changing, and we should definitely adjust and adapt,” says Jyremy Reid (pictured), Potomac Conference’s communication specialist intern, who also hosts the new Potomac People podcast.

Reid recently painted “Mercy, Justice” while Reed Richardi, associate pastor of Potomac’s New Market (Va.) church, preached on Zephaniah 3:17.

Senior Annelise Jacobs starts the day off stretching as part of this school year’s morning workout.

 Story by Tamyra Horst

As the sun begins to rise, so do the students at Blue Mountain Academy (BMA)—for a 6:30 a.m. exercise class. Principal Burney Culpepper runs them through a vigorous morning workout.

When the school year began, some groaned about having to get up so early. Midway through the year, the exercise time was cancelled during FOCUS week to give students early morning quiet time. Surprisingly, students weren’t happy; they had discovered the benefits of starting their day with exercise.