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Discussing what is happening with America’s schools has been the hot topic across the nation all summer. People have been waiting for the Coronavirus Task Force, local governors, and regional Boards of Education to make decisions and give guidance regarding the safe reopening of our nation’s schools. On an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis, guidance has changed based on new statistics and resurgence of the coronavirus in different regions. All the while, educators have been chasing a moving target.

Story by Cecily Bryant

As many parts of the country sheltered in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, the term “new normal” took root in everyday life. Children were home-schooled, health care was done virtually and work meetings were facilitated through Zoom and other electronic resources. So much changed so quickly. Only months ago, church members from Allegheny West Conference's Southeast church in Cleveland, Ohio, enjoyed the simple pleasure of opening doors and walking freely into a church so many consider home.

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Story by Elizabeth Anderson

One of the ways Liliana, a mother who was abused at church when she was young, bolsters her children so they don’t become prey “is to give them agency, confidence…that they are in charge of their bodies.”  She has explained to her three daughters that they don’t have to hug anyone at church if they don’t want. “When they are toddlers and little children, hugging brother so-and-so is not an issue, right? But once they become 12 and 14, those hugs can become very uncomfortable…maybe not because brother so-and-so is a predator but because I am 14 and I don’t want to smash my breasts against this old man,” Liliana says.

G. Alexander Bryant fue elegido recientemente como el nuevo presidente de la División Norteamericana (NAD). Durante los últimos 12 años Bryant se desempeñó como secretario ejecutivo de la NAD y secretario asociado de la Conferencia General, y también se desempeñó como presidente de conferencia, pastor local, director juvenil, superintendente de educación y más durante su ministerio.

Congratulations on your outstanding academic accomplishment! A few years ago, you entered through the Gateway to Service at Washington Adventist University, seeking the required knowledge on your career pathway to become a competent moral leader in preparation to serve in communities throughout the world. We are excited that you chose WAU to support you on your career journey. Your success is not a surprise; it is well earned. As you leave the University through the Gateway to Service, put knowledge into action, and change the world by linking scholarship with service. Continue to be committed to a belief and value system that results in responsible moral choices and the care of the body, mind, and spirit.

For five years running one of WGTS’ biggest events is the Summer Concert Series at Tysons Corner Center.  Because of current rules regarding COVID-19 the station couldn’t invite thousands of listeners to come down the normal outdoor plaza venue.  Through a partnership with the mall and a local mortgage company, the WGTS team was able to host the concert virtually.  The WGTS team shot part of the concert in advance at the plaza at the mall.  Part of the concert came from Matthew West’s “Story House”, and the rest of the concert was hosted from the WGTS video studio.

Les membres du Comité Exécutif ont approuvé 1,4 million de dollars de fonds de stimulation COVID-19 à envoyer aux fédérations de l’Union et à Washington Adventist University (l'Université Adventiste de Washington) pour équilibrer la baisse de la dîme et aider à soutenir l'éducation, car la pandémie peut continuer à avoir un impact économique sur les membres. La Division Nord-Américaine a également donné 600 000 dollars pour distribution au sein de l’union.

Les fédérations recevront les montants suivants en fonction des pourcentages de dîme :

Adventist HealthCare leaders cheer on caregivers to show how blessed they are to have them as they provide compassionate care to those in need.

Perspectives by Terry Forde

For many years, travelers in just about any part of the world have been able to rely on being guided by a rectangular blue service sign with a big H in the middle. Of course, it
means Hospital.

People who saw that sign could assume that there was a place nearby with people who could help – people with the skills, the experience, and the commitment to take on the most difficult human problems.

Story by WGTS Staff

During the recent virtual “Momentum” convention, members of the Christian Music Broadcasters association selected WGTS 91.9 for the “Community Service Award.”

This award is “presented to a Christian broadcaster, radio station or associated professional who, during the past year, has shown outstanding effort in community service.” CMB brings Christian radio media professionals together to help them develop programming that will reach listeners worldwide with the message of the gospel.