Ever Gonzales bautiza Nancy Viera.

Historia de Pastor Ever Gonzales

Nancy Viera acababa de enterarse de que se estaba muriendo de cáncer. Esta noticia le trajo tristeza y desesperación. Sin saber qué hacer, fue a caminar a Walmart para aclarar su mente. Mientras estaba allí, conoció a una anciana que le dio una copia de El Deseado de todas las gentes. La conversación sobre el amor de Jesús condujo a estudios bíblicos y, mientras estudiaban juntos, Nancy aprendió sobre el sábado.

Un día, Nancy le preguntó a su pastor pentecostal por qué no adoraban el sábado. El, no pudo darle una respuesta bíblica. Ella continuó estudiando la Biblia con su nueva amiga y seis meses después decidió comenzar a guardar el sábado.

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Eduardo Monteiro, director del Departamento de Evangelismo de la Conferencia de Nueva Jersey (NJC), recientemente dedicó un tiempo a reflexionar sobre la Gran Decepción de 1844:

Después de la Gran Decepción, algo extraordinario sucedió. Aquellos que lo habían experimentado soportaron desafíos al pasar el tiempo, pero no estaban solos. Había una presencia invisible del Todopoderoso, llevándolos de la mano. Con fuerzas renovadas, fueron y predicaron el evangelio eterno. Comenzaron con sus círculos de influencia inmediatos, barrios, pueblos y regiones, hasta que el mensaje llegó a todo el país y más allá.

Audrey Booker

Story by Tracey Jackson

Pine Forge Academy (PFA) students and staff recently recognized the exemplary work and dedication of Audrey Booker, who served and retired as the school nurse in September 2020.

Booker accepted the “temporary” position in 2010 after her prior retirement as school nurse at a public high school in Reading, Pa. This temporary position turned into 10 years, in which Booker endeared herself to the students, becoming a mother, grandmother, counselor and friend to all. During her tenure, her expertise and care extended to all who matriculated through PFA.

Mountain View Conference Church Planting

Story by Valerie Morikone

In 2017, the Mountain View Conference Executive Committee met to strategically plan for the future. With the assistance of Celeste Ryan-Blyden, vice president of Strategic Communication and Public Relations for the Columbia Union Conference, we prayerfully asked, “Who is the Mountain View Conference, and what should our focus be?” Committee members suggested several ideas, including church planting.

To grow a garden, you must first prepare the soil, then put the seed in the ground. If conditions remain favorable, the plant begins to sprout. If the new plant continues to get nourished, it will grow and prosper into full maturity.

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Editorial by Gary Gibbs

On a warm fall morning last year, I awoke to Pennsylvania’s beautiful rolling hills and mountains enshrouded in a thick fog. That day, the familiar landscape, just a hundred yards away, vanished in the mist. Similarly, as we enter 2021, the months before us are hidden in mystery. Its blessings, opportunities and dangers will only come into focus as time lifts the veil.

Story by Eduardo Monteiro

After the Great Disappointment of 1844, something remarkable followed. Those who had experienced it endured many challenges, but they were not alone. An invisible presence of the Almighty led them by the hand. With renewed strength, they preached the eternal gospel within their immediate circles of influence, neighborhoods, towns and regions, until the message reached the entire country and beyond.

Erica Keith, a member of the Germantown church in Philadelphia, grew up reading Bible stories. “While I learned some good lessons from the stories, many of the stories focused on the men of the Bible,” remembers Keith. As an artist, she realized she had the ability to create images of the women in the Bible whom she envisioned. This year, Keith decided to produce the Women of the Bible 2021 calendar (pictured).

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