Chaplain Ariel Matira and nurses at Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center find ways to support one another through prayer even with social distancing.

Story by Adventist HealthCare Staff

As a healthcare organization serving the Washington, D.C., region, Adventist HealthCare is on the front lines during this uncertain and difficult time, providing care and comfort when people need it the most. The Mission of Adventist HealthCare, to extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing, has never been more important as we face this challenge of caring for the community we serve.

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Will Johns, Pastor of Potomac Conference's Beltsville church's Tech Road Campus in Silver Spring, Md., shared the following message, encouraging us to care for our souls during this tough time.

I have been thinking about this question: What is the best way to respond to what we are currently facing? I think the answer to that question for me is soul care.

Let me explain what I mean.

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Story by Tiffany Doss

Most podcast listeners dread the moment they hit the wall, bingeing and replaying all their favorite subscribed shows. Potomac is excited to remedy that situation by introducing a new podcast called Potomac People.

Potomac People launched earlier this year and aims to highlight various individuals within the conference through interview-style and storytelling programming. The show compiles some of the most interesting back- stories new to most listeners.

Banned large public gatherings have forced church communities and schools across the country to get creative in congregating the last two weeks. We’ve assembled a list of resources and ideas to help you better build community during this unprecedented time.

Need Technical Help With Technology?
The North American Division’s Big Data + Social Media Department and several other entities have created many resources to help churches move their services and community online.

Union de Columbia Décrète une Journée Spéciale de Prière
Sabbat, 28 mars 2020

Les dirigeants de la l’Union de Columbia et de ses huit Fédérations locales, réseaux de soins de santé et établissements d'enseignement supérieur demandent aux membres de participer à une journée spéciale de prière, le sabbat 28 mars prochain.

Cette initiative survient alors que la crise du coronavirus (COVID-19) s'intensifie, laissant les églises et les écoles fermées ; l’annulation de certains événements programmés comme de nombreux week-ends spéciaux, remises de diplômes, réunions de camp et camps d'été ; et de plus en plus de personnes tombent malades et meurent chaque jour.

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Devotional by Terry Forde

One of the things I learned from my parents is how important it is to begin each day with prayer. Those prayers were simple – just a few words, but they were words that mattered. And I’ve made it a part of my life.

For some, prayer may be very formal–a ritual that fulfills an obligation. For some, it is barely spoken as they silence the alarm and hit the ground running. I know someone who says he prays in the shower each morning, and someone else who says she doesn’t say anything to anyone, including God, until she has her coffee cup in hand.

La Unión de Columbia designa un día especial de oración
Sábado 28 de marzo

Este sábado 28 de marzo, los líderes de la Unión de Columbia y sus ocho conferencias locales, los líderes de las redes de atención médica e instituciones de educación superior están pidiendo a los miembros que participen en un día especial de oración.

Esto debido a que la crisis del coronavirus (COVID-19) se intensifica, dejando cerradas iglesias y escuelas; numerosos fines de semana de ex alumnos, graduaciones, reuniones de campamento y campamentos de verano cancelados; y cada vez más personas que se enferman y mueren todos los días.

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Editorial by Eli Rojas

The word intentional means that an action is taken on purpose. Interestingly, when it comes to the most important things in life, it often seems that few people treat them with an intentional mindset.

Maintaining a marriage, family life, career and even our spiritual walk with God is often driven by happenstance. Ellen White speaks on the benefits of living purposefully: “The soul that is indolent falls an easy prey to temptation; but in the life that has a noble aim, an absorbing purpose, evil finds little foothold” (Prophets and Kings, p. 660).

Pine Forge Academy STEM

Story by Tracey Jackson

“Forging to the Future,” the theme of the 2019 National Pine Forge Academy’s (PFA) Alumni Weekend, welcomed past students to the campus. Class of 1983 alumnus Lafayette Trawick (pictured, below) issued a challenge to “Move that Needle,” in hopes of inspiring others to give back to their alma mater.

At the Alumni Awards ceremony, the Class of 1983 gifted the PFA Science Department with a $5,000 donation. As a result, the Science Department was able to purchase needed lab supplies for students, as well as the financial support to attend the annual SciFest at Andrews University (AU) in Berrien Springs, Mich.

Feature by Edwin Manuel Garcia

Therezinha Barbalho grew up in Brazil and wanted to be a pastor more than anything. But after graduating from the Adventist seminary, she faced difficulty finding pastoral employment beyond being a Bible worker, due to the region’s attitudes toward women in ministry.

She realized her dream career wasn’t going to happen, so she went back to school and became a lawyer.

Years later when Barbalho and her husband sought better medical care than Brazil could offer for their daughter who has autism, she sent her pastoral résumé to conferences in the United States. She was offered a job as a Bible worker at New Jersey Conference’s Luso-Brazilian church in Newark in 2004, then promptly became the associate pastor.