Kettering College’s first Giving Day raised over $59,000 which supports the advancement of Kettering College and its students.

Story by Lauren Brooks

Kettering College (KC) recently held their first Giving Day. During those 24 hours, students, alumni, and friends of the college came together to make a difference for future generations of KC students, while celebrating 50 years of excellence, service and innovation.  

image by JxnGlxgyr in pixabay

Editorial by Jorge Augero, president of the New Jersey Conference

The Lord has given us a pertinent message for a crucial time in history. We eagerly anticipate the second coming of Jesus! Now is the time to share this hope with those around us. So many things are happening—the signs all tell us of Jesus’ soon return.

Members of the Chestnut Hill church in Philadelphia, knock on a door in York as part of the Faith for Family initiative this fall.

Story by Tamyra Horst

With the Faith for Family evangelistic campaign just one weekend away, more than 1,820 people from across the conference joined members of 23 central Pennsylvania churches in door-to-door outreach. They focused their efforts on communities hosting Faith for Family seminars.

Story by Mountain View Conference Staff

The Mountain View Conference (MVC) elected Mike Hewitt as president at their Executive Committee meeting today.

Hewitt has served in MVC for a year as executive secretary and ministerial director. Larry Boggess, former MVC president, recently retired.

“He loves soul-winning and people, and he can identify with many of our pastors who have come from a different profession than pastoring,” said Boggess of Hewitt.

Hewitt previously served as pastor of Potomac Conference’s Lynchburg (Va.) church.  He and spent 11-and-a-half years as a pastor in the Potomac Conference, and worked as a police officer for 10 years.

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Story by Ricardo Bacchus and V. Michelle Bernard / Photos by Leander Tomazeli

Brian Hernandez (pictured), a 13-year-old member of Potomac Conference’s Seneca Valley Spanish church in Gaithersburg, Md., stood by the baptismal tank of Alexis Argueta last Sabbath, as his eighth-grade classmate from Gaithersburg Middle School publicly accepted Christ through baptism. Argueta made a decision for Christ after Hernandez introduced him to Jesus and gave him Bible studies.

Due to the Mizpah church ARMin program, Manuel Jimenez, a recovery house resident, now attends church regularly.

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

Allegheny East Conference's Mizpah church in Philadelphia, recently celebrated its first Adventist Recovery Ministries (ARMin) Day. “By our work in the community, we’re trying to help people experience the life that God intends for them to enjoy,” says Donald McKinnie, pastor.

Story by ACSGW Staff
Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW)  is one of 24 regional charities recently recognized in The Washingtonian magazine's "Doing Good" feature that recommends area nonprofits to support with holiday season giving.
The Washingtonian recognized ACSGW for its work providing local residents necessities such as food and clothing, as well as technology education and job training.
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