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Members of the Polaris Filipino Team 2 participate in the 2018 Columbia Union Pathfinder Bible Experience

Twenty-three of the 37 participating Columbia Union Conference Pathfinder teams placed first in the recent union-level Pathfinder Bible Experience event at Takoma Academy in Takoma Park, Md.

Here are the teams that will continue on to the division-level event in April:

Allegheny East Conference

Community Falcons - Team 1
Community Falcons - Team 2
Genesis Jaguars
Living Springs Lions
Maranatha Warriors - Diamonds

The Pisgah Scorpians from the Bryan's Road church in Maryland participate in the Allegheny East Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience

This winter Pathfinders from participating clubs around the Columbia Union Conference studied and memorized the Book of Luke for the Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE). Teams participated in local, then conference events to test their knowledge.

After the Ohio Conference and Mountain View Conference PBE March 2, the next event will be the union level event on March 16.

Below is a list of the teams that have advanced to the union event:


Sung Kwon presents an award to Minnie McNeil as her husband, Andrew, looks on.

Story by V. Michelle Bernard / Photos by Dan Weber/NAD Communication

During the Adventist Ministries Convention in Albuquerque, N.M., North American Division (NAD) leaders recognized several longtime Columbia Union Conference leaders with Lifetime Achievement awards. 

“Our hope is that when we recognize and show gratitude to individuals who are [providing] exemplary contributions, other leaders are inspired to value excellence in their pursuits for God and His Church,” says Debra Brill, NAD’s vice president for Ministries and event organizer.