Publications and Forms

The Columbia Union Office of Education provides the following publications and forms used by Columbia Union conferences and schools.


NOTE: The following publications are produced by Columbia Union Office of Education. For publications produced by the NAD Office of Education or other entities, see Resources/Links under the Education tab above.

Columbia Union Education Code
Classroom Assistant Handbook
Columbia Union School Board Manual
Effective School Boards — Powerpoint Complement to School Board Manual
Effective Use of Standardized Test Scores
Emergency Manual
Guidelines for Servicing the Academically Challenged
Handbook for Senior Academy Registrars
Hiring—Path to Success
NAD Elementary Textbook List
NAD Handbook for Principals of Seventh-day Adventist Schools
NAD Handbook for Superintendents
NAD Secondary Standards
NAD Secondary Textbook List
Pre-K Guidelines
Recommended Elements of a K-12 System
Supervision and Evaluation of Instructional Personnel (4th edition)
Ten Reasons Why Small Schools Work


Certificated Employee Contract
Columbia Union Outstanding Administrator Award
Columbia Union Outstanding Administrator Nomination Application
Columbia Union Outstanding Educator Award
Columbia Union Outstanding Educator Administrator Award Criteria
Doctoral Assistance Update Form
Doctoral Financial Assistance Form
Risk Management Field Trip Planner
Risk Management Safety Inspection Audit
Sample School Constitutions
School Asbestos Management & EPA Regulations
School Inventory Form
Volunteer Ministry Information Form

Application for Senior Academy Status  
Application for Out of Division Trips
Course Verification for Home-schooled Students 

Columbia Union School-based Pre-K Program Guidelines Application

School Evaluation Documents
School Marketing Standards Form 2015—all schools must complete and include in the Self-Study
Complete Senior Academy Annual Progress Report
Complete Junior Academy Annual Progress Report
Junior Academy Manual and Application to Teach Secondary Subjects
Small Schools Evaluation Criteria (1-4 teachers)
K-8 Evaluation Criteria
K-10 Evaluation Criteria
K-12 Evaluation Criteria
9-12 Evaluation Criteria
Visiting Committee Handbook
Tips for Evaluation Chairs
CU Interim Report Template 2016
CU Revisit Template 2016
CU Visiting Committee Report Template  2016

Note: see respective conference sites for additional school & teacher forms used at the local conference level