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Editorial by Patricia Monteiro

We live in a world that seems to spin much faster than we want it to, with each day accelerating a little more. We feel overwhelmed, tired and often discouraged because we want to produce and accomplish more goals than we did the day before. Months and years go by, leaving us feeling defeated.

Gary Gibbs and his wife, Sherilyn, welcome Carlos and Liz Charnichart to the Pennsylvania Conference team.

Story by Tamyra Horst

At the Pennsylvania Conference Executive Committee, delegates elected Carlos Charnichart to serve as the new conference treasurer. His wife, Liz, also accepted an administrative assistant position in the conference office. The Charnicharts are looking forward to joining their team later this year.

For the past three years, Charnichart served as the accountant for the Hope Channel. He brings experience, not only in accounting, but also as a business owner, manager, sales and marketing executive and adjunct professor at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Md.

Story by Valerie Morikone

After serving nearly 29 years in the Mountain View Conference, President Larry and Joan Boggess announced their retirement at the October 24 Mountain View Conference Executive Committee in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Larry and Joan expressed their gratitude to the Mountain View Executive Committee for giving them the privilege to serve the conference family. They also expressed their gratitude to the Executive Committee for their steadfast support as they worked together to enlarge the kingdom of God in Mountain View.  

Dr. Williams Meyers

Story by Elizabeth Long

Breast imaging technology has become more refined, allowing many breast abnormalities and cancers to be detected before they can be felt with a physical exam. While early detection allows for treatment to begin sooner and for patients to have better outcomes, it also presents a greater challenge in precisely locating and removing smaller or deeper masses.

A new approach

Previously, wire localization has been the only method to pinpoint certain breast lesions.

Administrative officers elected include Henry J. Fordham, III, president, Pete Palmer, VP for Administration, and Lawrance Martin, VP for Finance (pictured above). Photos by David Turner

The Allegheny East Conference constituents recently elected a new leadership team at the conference's first quinquenniel session at Reaching Hearts International church in Laurel, Md.

Administrative officers elected include Henry J. Fordham, III, president, Pete Palmer, VP for Administration, and Lawrance Martin, VP for Finance (pictured above).

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Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Belinda Cheeseboro, an Andrews University (Mich.) 2015 graduate who is now working on a Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy at West Virginia University, participated in research that was recently recognized with a Nobel Prize.

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Editorial by Rick Remmers

This fall marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. While Martin Luther was not the first reformer, his posting and printing of the 95 Theses, or complaints against the Catholic Church, are considered the launching point of the reformation.

One of the foundational doctrines of the reformation was sola scriptura—a recognition that the Bible alone is to be our source of doctrines and practice. Rather than accepting church tradition or other kinds of authority, we must look to the Bible as the reliable source of God’s teaching and direction for our lives.