Early Childhood Education

Evelyn's PhotoAbout Alison Jobson 

Alison Jobson has recently joined the Columbia Union Education Department as the Associate Director for Early Childhood Education. She has worked extensively in the field of education as a classroom teacher, an associate superintendent and a superintendent in the Ohio Conference. In her last assignment Alison served as a vice principal. 

Ms. Jobson was born in Missouri, and raised in Ohio, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Central State University (HBCU). She is the eldest child of six siblings, and the mother of a lovely young lady, Alivia. Alison’s passion for the processes of teaching and learning was identified early on—proudly following in the steps of her maternal grandmother. 

Alison’s specific educational interests include promoting early childhood education, facilitating teacher professional development, implementing high-quality curriculum and evaluating/assessing response-to-intervention strategies. 

Office: (410) 997-3414, ext. 556
Email: ajobson@columbiaunion.net


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